Do you think this season will be the final one for geinin after the negative reaction to it?


There hasn’t really been any overwhelming negative reaction to it. Most of these shows are mixed bags anyways regarding reactions from fans (ranging from AKBINGO, EbiShow etc.) and in the end if they keep making money through DVD sales (and with Geinin, if the movie makes money) then they’re gonna keep pumping it out. 

But I’m alright with moving on from Geinin and think we’re done after this season regardless of sales. The movie with the graduation theme makes me think that way, plus there’s no way top the Sanma finale, Gotou’s getting harder and harder to keep around and Arai-P mentioned wanting to make a new show last year which we can sorta see with how Geinin switched their format. 

Kamonegix 『カモネギックス』 - NMB48。

Kamonegix 『カモネギックス』

by NMB48。


Kamonegix (dj REMO-CON danceMIX ver.)

Because this is what I think of when I hear this remix.

Just give them Tron-ified costumes the next time this is performed and it will be perfect.

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Oh i was just saying because i thought you were native japanese? and i thought it was weird how a non-native japanese person was telling you that your translations sucked...


Yeah, it’s just that I didn’t do those translations and it was just a minor side project by one of our team members. I’m sure she didn’t mean to come off that way, and there was a post where one of our team members explained themselves afterwards so it’s all good. We’re always open to suggestions and criticisms! 

What do you think of Sayanee having another solo song in their upcoming album? Sayanee's popularity really has skyrocketed which is really great for nmb as a whole, but at the same time I feel that nmb is becoming a one man show (it feels strange not having milky beside sayanee imo).


I don’t think she needs it but it’s good for at least to get something that’s productive towards her goals. I think for people who follow any of these groups rather lightly, all of them look like one man shows but people get work that’s proportionate to their popularity and whatnot so it kinda makes sense for them to get the big jobs whereas everyone else doesn’t. 

But I mean, depends on your perspective though. One could say AKB was a one man show with Acchan and HKT is a one man show with Sashi and SKE is a one man show with R and or J or whatever and there’d probably be that disagree with you but at the same time to casual people they probably do come as a one-man show and there’s nothing really wrong with thinking that way. You can’t expect everyone to be equally popular or handle their pushes or stay out of trouble or reach people equally etc.

aren't you part of the teppen sub team? Cuz someone is saying that yall don't understand japanese... and translate badly..


Yeah. It’s no biggy though. Just gotta be better next time!

Ske fans and the group itself in general seem to have the mentality that they don't want to lose to AKB. At first i thought it was strange the NMB fans have a similar thought pattern, but upon a strange comment i read and hoping if you can clarify, it doesn't seem like NMB thinks they are losing to AKB, they are only losing to Tokyo and the resources it provides to AKB. Is that how it is?


Sorry for the long answer!

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I just watched the nmb monja okinawa things, it's pretty good. Did they often do that ?, or it's just once every 10 year kinda thing ?


Nah, it’s just a random YNN thing they did because they were in Okinawa for the Okinawa Film Fest. They do 90 minute YNN live broadcasts almost weekly and it just happened to be monja in Okinawa because the film fest.