Does love ban law apply to nogizaka46 as well?


Yes, I do believe it does apply. Even if it’s not actively spoken about like AKB, getting caught by tabloids isn’t very good publicity anyhow, so they do try and maintain their image, especially since Nogi is pretty different image wise compared to AKB.

Smilodon, can you yranslate this too? 小笠原「Bで売れたら凄ない?」山本「Kでもセンター取ったら凄ない?」小谷「4でも馴染めたら凄ない?」岸野「Nを支えたら凄ない?」山口「今のN以上にしたら凄ない?」5人「いや、できるでしょ。だってそれが\おれら/」 and what is orera?


Ogasawara: Wouldn’t it be amazing if I were popular in B?

Yamamoto: Wouldn’t it be amazing if I were center in K?

Kotani: Wouldn’t it be amazing if I became close with 4?

Kishino: Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could support N from now on?

Yamaguchi: Wouldn’t it be amazing if we made N stronger than ever?

Together: We can make it happen. Because that’s Orera!

Orera is the clique that these 5 call themselves.

Being open about not being Japanese is also important. Japanese fans still make an effort to talk to foreign wota. It's best to reach out to them on Twitter too


This! I’ve tried doing that and they’re really responsive most of the time! Don’t be afraid of reaching out and attempting to communicate with them!

smilodon, can you translate this? "#mbs1179 高橋みなみ「ライブとかでAKBの楽屋、SKEの楽屋、NMBの楽屋が全然違う。NMBは皆ヤンキー座りして、怖いんかなって思ったけど皆熱いし。SKEは結構バラバラで静か。HKTは子供が多いんで指原と子どもたちみたいな感じ」"


Takamina on radio (probably) said “At concerts, AKB, SKE, and NMB have totally different dressing rooms. The girls in NMB all sit around like yankees and you think they’re scary at first but they’re all really passionate. SKE is pretty separate from each other and quiet. HKT has a bunch of kids so it’s just like Sashihara and kids.”